Dale R. Goodman, Ph.D., D.MiN. 

empowering life and relationships

I have been in ministry and counseling for over 30 years, and my heart is broken. The destruction taking place in our families today is tragic. Families are disintegrating and this needs to stop. 

Typically, most families start with a marriage. It's a couple entering into married life, eventually producing a family life. Sadly, if there is unhealthiness in married life it will trickle into family life. The health of the family unit are in the hands of its leaders, a husband and wife. And, it is here, we must bring forensic and proactive awareness and skills to couples to build on their strengths, understand growth areas and discern vulnerabilities that could destroy it.  

What does this mean? All couples getting married today need an insightful, comprehensive premarital checkup. It is a checkup utilizing assessment tools, competent coaching and practical resources for insuring a greater promise of marital success. 

As you look through this site, we will soon be offering couples assessments and resources to strengthen marriage and family life. 

Marriage can work today. Families can thrive. It is important to get a good start and to keep learning and growing for a lifetime.