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       E d e n  T o d a y

Discovering a better you and building happier relationships!

Affordable Assessments to discover a better you, and to strengthen relationships.

Great for individuals, couples, corporations and teams!

  • MBTI
  • DISC Leadership
  • EIQ-2
  • Hartman Profile
  • Competency Index
  • Enneagram
  • Prepare & Enrich
  • Total Brain

Assessments provide clients great insight and understanding that could go undiscovered. These assessments enable clients to discover more of their best in their personality, emotional intelligence, career path and relationships. Our assessments help clients to understand themselves better, build healthier relationships and fine-tune their career paths, and packed with lots of information.

Who are you? Can you honestly answer this question with clarity and confidence? If you can't, your not alone! Many people struggle to understand their core uniqueness for living a productive life. Who are you? What are your core strengths and limitations? What are your best career paths? How can you understand differences in others, minimizing conflict and improving stronger relationships.

You are unique, and it matters! Upon conception, you were encoded with your unique DNA characteristics for developing your personality, purpose and impact in this world (experience abundant life, achieve a designed purpose and empower relationships). We provide affordable assessments for discovering the unique you! There is nothing like this out there. If are not satisfied your money will be refunded.

To know yourself is key to optimum levels of success in the marketplace and within all relationships. Do you really know how your designed to function in this life?