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Executive Summary Leadership

Developed over 25 years, the Executive Summary is an analytical human-performance instrument designed to do one thing: provide the performance insights necessary to make reliable hiring & selection decisions. This multi-dimensional tool demystifies human performance questions by providing decision-makers with concrete answers.

Each Executive Summary provides users with an easy-to-read 11-page report, distilled from a comprehensive 54-page analysis on the candidate. This report closes with an integrated "show me the answers" section. This final page provides decision-makers with a specific performance overview of the candidate that includes screening, hiring and promotional recommendations. You will also find the candidate’s primary hierarchy of internal motivators, their communication and behavioral style, along with the projected value they'd bring to an organization.

In addition, the report simultaneously identifies those areas in which the candidate may need support as well as those areas in which they'd thrive. The report also gathers the data you need to assess each candidate's “personal chemistry and compatibility” within the context of an existing team. In short, each Executive Summary provides specific performance answers — not merely the usual disconnected data points that business coaches and consultants are left to interpret on their own.

Built upon validated performance science, the Executive Summary will provide decision-makers the necessary instrument to see through a candidate's "interview mask". Begin dramatically reducing the costly and frustrating hiring errors that have always been a part of the selection, promotion and succession planning processes of the past.

The Executive Summary works by measuring and scoring the universal core functions, job-related competencies and attitudes of each candidate, plus the expected results and procedures that drive strong performance in leadership and management.

In short, this instrument identifies the factors integral to human performance while projecting a candidate's likelihood to deliver results based upon their knowledge and skill set. Take a careful look at the Executive Summary — you won’t be disappointed.