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       E d e n  T o d a y

Discovering a better you and building happier relationships!

Personal Data Rights Notice

Your personal data may be collected and/or processed by the Eden Today entity registered in your country of residence and to better serve you by personalizing your experience and interaction with us. For this purpose, your personal data may be transferred to our affiliates within the Eden Today’s Network Group, if needed to further assist you in your endeavors, which may be located outside of your country of residence, and in particular to the United States, where Eden Today based in Georgia. The data transfer will be done in compliance with Eden Today’s Binding Privacy Policy, and all other applicable regulatory requirements to ensure your data is adequately protected. Eden Today’s Privacy Policy has been approved by the relevant Data Protection Authorities and provide a uniform personal data protection regime aligned with the highest standards to our Clients and their privacy according to HIPAA Laws. Your personal data will not be stored, once the personal information is entered and credentials validated. Our network will go through a memory dump phase and safely discard your personal data.

As required by local data protection regulations you may file a complaint or exercise your rights of access, rectification, opposition or deletion through any of the following options:

  • Via email and/or contacting us through contact us feature
  • Online by accessing the Privacy feedback link.
  • Via telephone by dialing the number for your country and when prompted dial the Call Number provided on our website
  • Once directed to email, all subsequent communications will be conducted by e-mail.