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       E d e n  T o d a y

Discovering a better you and building happier relationships!

Due to confidentiality and the HIPAA Laws, we can't reveal the identity of these precious clients.

"I am humbled by God's provision and His "perfect orchestration" of bringing His children together when there is a need that must be met. Dale is a compassionate, lovely man. His heart for the Lord and serving Him in this capacity is very evident. God is clearly using him in mighty ways to help the "deeply wounded" like myself. There are so many shattered lives who need a "touch from the Master" delivered in human form by one willing to serve as the hands and heart of God to those deeply wounded. Dale is clearly doing that."

"Dale counseled me through a very difficult time in my life. It was such a blessing to be able to meet with him during this period, and I'm not sure where I would be today had he not been there. He leveraged his years of counseling and life experience to help guide me through the pain of my divorce. He also has provided me with invaluable career coaching and advice. He is a man of Godly character who exudes Christ's love through the way he listens to, interacts with, and cares for his clients. Thank you, Dale!"

"Dr. Dale and Linda are compassionate, wise, and genuine marriage coaches. Uniquely qualified with talent, training, and God's gifting, Dale and Linda gave us insight and practical solutions. With their help, we have broken through issues that have been with us far too long. Thank you for the biblically sound 4th quarter of life advice. If your marriage is hurting in any way, we would strongly recommend this team to help you find paths to healing and health."

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Since meeting and being counseled by Dr. Dale my life has been transformed and has meaning. I had lost my identity; my spirit was in fragmented pieces. I didn't know how and where the pieces of the puzzle went. Dr. Dale unpacked the pieces that were broken and God used him to make the masterpiece that God has called me to be. Thank you, Dr. Dale, and Thank you Eden Today."

"We are grateful for you and Linda and your heart to serve us. Last night was very helpful in beginning to tackle what feels like a million issues. I think I was most impacted when Linda just reminded us that our marriage and kids are top priorities in God's eyes. I can see where I've let saving money take priority over what might have been best for our family."

"Dale and Linda Goodman are genuine, down to earth and caring people, who are willing to go over and beyond to help young couples build a healthy Christian marriage."

"I just can't thank you enough for being the truly wonderful and compassionate Christian that you are. You really made a huge impression on my son last week. He has a very negative opinion of counseling, as we discussed. Before his session with you, I asked him to please just give it 2 to 3 tries to see how he liked it. After his session with you, I had planned to wait until we got in the car and ask him what he thought. However, we were barely out the door when he just blurted out, 'When can I see him again!' He also said that he felt as if he had already known you for a long time and he really felt he could trust you, he was just that comfortable with you. The most important thing he said was thanks to you that now he felt he had hoped! I am so thankful that Jesus led me to you! WE ARE SO BLESSED TO HAVE FOUND YOU!

"Dale, I met you in the 90's you saved my marriage and brought me to Christ in Coral Springs Fl. I have now been married to my wonderful wife Annette for 17 years. Just wanted to say Hi and Thank you for everything. I am now a Leader in my church and a Godly Man. If it were not for you I would not be the person I am today. THANK YOU."

"I frequently try to connect people to Dr. Dale because I know he will lead them with care and heart."

"Thank you, Dale, for your time and all the great insights. I appreciate you!

'"Dale truly cared for me and my husband as persons, not as clients. He 'bent over backwards and worked with us to deal with a difficult situation. He is a Pastor Counselor who also makes us apply the gospel to our hearts. He is a true professional and Biblical counselor.'"

"The counseling ministry of Dr. Dale Goodman has significantly impacted my life. He listens well and offers sound advice that is applicable and comforting. I would not be where I am today without the influence, prayer, and wisdom of Dr. Goodman."

"The purpose in seeking Linda as a Christian Life Coach was to hear from someone who could understand my struggles. Each time we met, I felt encouraged and motivated towards change. My relationship with my spouse, children, and the Lord definitely improved with the Lord's help and your wonderful coaching. Thank you!"

"Linda has been a wonderful life coach. When I first met with her I was struggling emotionally. She helped me to view my life from a completely different perspective. She taught me to focus more on the positive side of life and helped me to view myself the way God does as opposed to how I think others might. Learning how to focus only on God's perspective and deepening my relationship with Him has given me the strength to face any of life's circumstances."